Ultimate buying guide for handpan drum

Everyone in the musical industry first needs to understand about the handpan and how to purchase the best one for delivering harmonic sound quality. The handpan is nothing but the group of musical instruments which result from the global interest in the instrument called a hang to create wonderful tones. Another name of the handpan is also known as the hang which is actually the convex steel drum. This hang drum is usually played with the hands of the users and also tuned with the multiple notes.

Origin of the hang or handpan:

When it comes to the handpan or hang drum instrument, it was designed in the early years of 1970s using the Trinidad steel drum spread throughout the European nations. With the increased demands for this musical instrument, many manufacturers start manufacturing the new design of steel pans by the early 1990s which are hang drums. A lot of steel pan and jazz musicians would often want to make use of the hang drum instrument and play different notes of the tones by inspiring with the excellent tone delivery of the hang device.

The musicians can able to probably create 7 to 9 notes and the surface of the handpan is deeply sensitive to the light touch. Thus, this instrument can able to allow the musicians to play by their hands. The ding bubble is the center note of the hang drum instrument. This tone is coming out from the middle part of the instrument when the musical scale notes circling around the ding bubbles. At the same time, up the sides of the handpan are hollowed into the metal as the musicians can see in the typical steel pan.